Growth Is Great For Business But Not Without Complications

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Growing your business is an important part of success; however, it does not come without challenges.  You may outgrow your entry-level business solutions and lose sight of the important data and processes that lead to growth.  If you can’t get accurate inventory data, you can’t continue to fulfill customer orders efficiently.  Delays in customer deliveries will impact customer service and growth can quickly turn into setbacks.

You may have a successful line of products, a growing list of customers, and are considering strategic acquisitions of businesses that could further grow your enterprise.  However, with growth comes complications, usually starting with inadequate technology.  Entry level solutions and specialty solutions are limited by the volume of data that you can enter and query without taxing your hardware.  Acquisitions or working from multiple locations also involve disparate software solutions, making it even harder to control or monitor business operations from one site to another, especially with inventory management.  Don’t get tripped up by business growth. Implement a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and maintain steady, controlled business growth.

An integrated ERP solution, such as those in the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP suite of solutions, can provide management of financials, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution activities, as well as human resources and payroll activities.  For manufacturers and distributors with a growing list of product offerings, the inventory management solutions offered by RockySoft can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and provide even greater control and insight into inventory processes.  The Demand Manager provides powerful forecasting and inventory planning functionality so that you can turn your warehouse(s) into your strategic advantage.  With these solutions, you can connect inventory that may be coming in or heading out to customers from each of your locations.  You can also identify trends in customer buying behaviors and monitor popular products from those that may be losing their appeal.  With real-time inventory counts and trending data you can make better purchasing decisions, such as taking advantage of price-breaks for inventory that is fast-moving and limiting purchases of inventory that are slower moving.  You can use this data to make sure that you don’t get stuck with obsolete inventory or run out of the inventory items that your customers want.

 Don’t let technology complications keep your business from achieving strategic growth.  Contact RockySoft Corporation for guidance with implementing the powerful business solutions that can support your controlled and continued growth.

By RockySoft Corporation, Microsoft Dynamics software provider for demand planning

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