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A Growing Enterprise Needs Strong Business Systems to Support Success

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Business growth is great, whether it happens overnight or over a period of years. However, with growth, there will be changes to operational activities, strategic plans, and how you reach and engage with customers. Unfortunately, most specialty business software is stagnant, unable to grow and change along with your business. Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can provide the scalability and flexibility you need to support growth today and well into the future.

In many cases, growing pains tend to go unnoticed until business systems start to cause problems. Entry-level accounting software can become overburdened by volumes of data, for example, and there are often limits to users that can be in the system at the same time. As a result, your accounting team has to take turns entering or accessing records, which isn’t a productive use of time. Spreadsheets become the go-to method of collecting data from financial transactions to inventory management to customer orders, which introduces risk for errors and lost data. If you are beginning to notice growing pains or are anticipating a period of growth, then it’s time to replace yesterday’s outdated business systems with today’s innovative, integrated solutions.

Resolve Growing Pains by Replacing Outdated Systems With Modern ERP

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, offers a more efficient way to manage business operations, even during times of growth. You can manage all of your core business processes from this single, integrated solution, including financial operations, supply chain and inventory management, manufacturing and distribution operations, and payroll and human resources activities. As your business grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP can grow with you. This solution is scalable to meet your changing business needs and can be customized to address unique operational activities. Multi-language and multi-currency features support expansion into new regions and you can manage data for multiple locations, providing visibility into each individual location and for your entire enterprise. Mobile access also keeps your field services teams, sales professionals, or customer services employees connected to key data and the office from nearly any location and at any time.

There will come a time when basic software and disparate system can no longer meet your needs. A growing business needs agile technology. Contact The Resource Group for more information about replacing inefficient business software with a more powerful ERP solution.

By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Washington

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