Global Businesses Require Simple Solutions For Complicated Needs

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Working in a global marketplace means dealing with different currencies, multiple suppliers, and various regulatory and compliance-related issues.  These complicated business processes require strong business management solutions, including an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Manufacturers and distributors working globally experience a lot of fluctuating situations that can have an impact on profitability.  There are many regional variations such as the pricing and availability of raw materials, the need for outsourcing, labor pricing and availability, in addition to currency changes, taxes, and regulatory restrictions.  Consumer demands can also regionally impact pricing structures for products and product lines.  With so many potential and fluid fluctuations, it can be very challenging to get a grasp on real-time costs and profit margins, let alone use that data to forecast future product costs.  Luckily, the solution for managing complicated financial figures doesn’t have to be as complicated.

Global businesses can get greater control and insight over challenging financial data with a powerful ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® ERP.  You can enter all of your business data into a single, integrated solution including financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll, and other core business data.  You can also connect each of your business locations, warehouses, and distribution centers and use country-specific modules to manage changes in currency and taxes.  Once connected to your data, you can use the RoleTailored interfaces to monitor the metrics most important to you.  Sort through your data using your own criteria and analyze transactions across your entire organization.  You can export data into Microsoft Excel to further analyze and share data with colleagues using illustrative charts and side-by-side comparisons of data sets.

As soon as you can access real-time, accurate financial data, you can then use it to your advantage.  Robust ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics, make it easier for businesses like yours to monitor profit margins, supply chain costs, sales activities, operational costs, and other financial data by region, customer, product, or other qualifiers.  Not only can you respond faster to fluctuations in your global environment, you can find new ways to innovate your business, satisfy customer needs, and lower costs to boost profitability.

Add simplicity to complicated global business operations with ERP.  Contact MIBAR.net for more information about using ERP to gain control and visibility throughout your global enterprise.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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