Get SaaS-y by Putting Your Distribution Software in the Cloud

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Software as a Service (SaaS) models are popping up everywhere you look.  This prompts the question, “Are YOU ready to get SaaS-y?”  If you have global locations or customers, have sales or project managers in the field often, or are using Smartphones and tablets as communication tools, then SaaS might be a valuable option for your organization.

SaaS is most commonly defined as using software applications that are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers (you) over a network, like the internet.  Using SaaS provides instant access to important business information whether in or out of the office.  Software updates and patches are made behind the scenes and have less of an impact than the usual office-wide shut-down.  Microsoft Dynamics® ERP software offers several deployment options and SaaS is one option to consider for distribution software.

Managing customer relationships, vendor relationships, and managing the supply chain requires constant communication and collaboration.  Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, as a SaaS, can strengthen these relationships.  Employees can update and draw on real time business information from any location using most Smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Sales staff can put in orders, produce invoices, and update customer information from the field.  You can create portals for vendors offering self-service capabilities such as updating business or order information.  Providing instant access to real time information will improve productivity and customer service.

Cloud computing and SaaS are quickly becoming popular options for many businesses seeking the flexibility to use their important ERP software on the fly.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP software can be deployed on-site, via online services, all or partially hosted, or a combination of options tailored to your business operations.  These options can save cash flow and capital expenditures normally earmarked for IT investments such as IT staff and software licenses and updates.

Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP as SaaS can streamline distribution operations and provide greater communication with vendors and customers.  Having access to real time ERP information on mobile devices or in the office will help you sell products or services faster, give you greater control over the supply chain, and provide unsurpassed customer service.  Please contact Socius for more valuable information on Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the available deployment options.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP Partner

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