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Gain Control Over Inventory to Cut Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Strong inventory management is essential for busy manufacturers and distributors. Overstocking the warehouse can put pressure on cash flow and losing sight of items can lead to stock-outs and back-orders, putting customer relationships at risk. On the other hand, taking a proactive approach with inventory management can improve profit margins and keep customers happy. Get greater control and insight over inventory, make financially beneficial decisions, and improve customer satisfaction by deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Managing inventory isn’t quite as simple as maintaining a count of raw materials or finished goods in the warehouse. There are other variables to consider, such as customer projects in progress, anticipated customer needs and marketplace pressures that can impact production or distribution activities. Disparate inventory, sales management and other business systems isolates key data, making it harder to manage current inventory needs or to forecast potential future needs. Fast-moving inventory is also difficult to pinpoint and taking physical counts isn’t a productive or profitable use of time. Connect your people, processes and data with a centralized, integrated ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Gain a 360-Degree View of Inventory and More With ERP

One of the leading ERP solutions available today, Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides businesses with agility, visibility and time-saving automation. All of your core business management processes can be managed within this single, more powerful solution. An intuitive order entry system supports swift customer response, automated order fulfillment process expedites the pick-pack-ship process, and barcoding leaves managers with real-time inventory counts. Your procurement team can also establish buffer or safety inventory levels and Microsoft Dynamics GP will automate inventory replenishment.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides your team with a 360-degree view of inventory and sales activities. Built-in dashboards and other business intelligence features highlight key data. You can monitor inventory movement, for example, and identify trends such as seasonal fluctuations or a preference for certain products over others. Dig deeper into customer-specific trends and you may find common replenishment orders. Armed with this insight, you can make strategic inventory purchases that can save money and you can maintain the specific items that your customers need, when they need them.

Taking a proactive stance with inventory can save valuable time, money and improve customer relationships. Contact The Resource Group for more information about replacing disparate, specialty software with an integrated ERP solution that will provide greater control and insight over inventory and other important business processes.

By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Washington

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