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Financial Business Insight into Profitable Products

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Similar to the seasons, sale trends change often…and sometimes it’s even because of the season. As a distributor, you need to identify the profitable products and time of year they are most valuable to you. The fate of your business depends on the decisions you make and if your decisions are based on inaccurate facts, the outlook is not good.

Financial Records: If you are pulling data from multiple systems, you are spending way too much time and likely retrieving inaccurate information. Vicinity and Microsoft Dynamics® provide a real-time financial, distribution, manufacturing and inventory-control system. As transactions are processed organization-wide, they’re posted directly to the financial records. Month-end financial statements and supporting schedules are prepared and issued with little effort.

Production Costs: Tracking margins of your production is essential for your business’ success. Vicinity calculates materials, labor, packaging and overhead production costs at the batch level, so you can review actual costs by product, formula or production facility over a given time period. Vicinity solutions also let you review actual labor usage based on history of completed batches, and calculate anticipated labor needs by reviewing the production schedule and estimated labor required for each item being produced. With this insight, you will know exactly where and how to utilize your employees for the more effective return.

Having full insight into your financial records and production costs gives you the ability to analyze what works for your business and what doesn’t. Profitable products result in a profitable business. Vicinity Manufacturing is the premier formula-based process manufacturing solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

By Randy Smith with Vicinity Manufacturing, a Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Software Provider

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