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Satisfy Customer Expectations And Outpace The Competition

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The distribution marketplace is fast-paced and tight with competition, which makes customer service a critical factor for success. You need to be able to respond quickly to customer demands because if you can’t keep customers happy, there is a competitor ready and willing to take them off your hands. In order to understand your customer needs and be ready to meet their expectations, you need the control and insight offered by a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Customers will, inevitably, have questions and want to speak to their sales representative. They may ask about what they purchased in a previous order, what is in the order they just placed, or when the order will be delivered. When using disparate specialty software, your sales team will likely put the customer on hold to scan through paper records or databases to find the data they need; or they may transfer the caller to customer service teams that might have the needed data. No one wants to be put on hold or wait for a call back and such delays can cost you valued customers.

To provide the superior service that your customers expect, you need the support of a powerful ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP. You can manage all of your business processes from this single, integrated solution. As a result, your sales representatives can quickly access all of the data pertaining to each customer without the need to place customers on hold. Not only can they answer questions about historical or current purchases, they can track an order through the pick, pack, and shipping process right up to delivery.

Over time, your sales team can identify trends in customer behaviors. They may notice that certain items are increasing in popularity or that there are common replenishment orders. This information can be used to anticipate future needs and boost sales. Sales representatives could contact your customers early for replenishment orders or offer products that are similar to or complement the items that they already purchase. Taking this proactive stance can impress customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Replace inadequate systems with ERP to improve customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Contact Empower Business Solutions to learn more about using ERP to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of competitors.

By Empower Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Pennsylvania

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