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ERP Offers More Options Than Ever Before – 4 Tips To Help Choose Wisely

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The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software marketplace has become saturated with software providers, systems, and deployment options.  It can be challenging to weed through the options in order to choose a solution that best matches your business needs and goals.  According to “The New Word on ERP,” posted by Dann Anthony Maurno on, the average ERP project lasted 16 months and 54% of them went over budget.  Here are four tips for choosing and deploying your ERP solution:

  1. Gap analysis: Outline the features that you are missing from your current system and what you may want out of a more efficient solution. Consider the data you need to capture and analyze and what you might do with that data. Enlist the input from all levels of management and employees from each of your departments. You want a solution that is easy to learn and use.
  2. Take a test drive: Try several solutions that match your needs and determine which one best works for your business and your people. Discuss options for customizations, if needed, but don’t go overboard. Too many customizations can add time and complicate the systems you want to streamline.
  3. Can you get the data you need: Make sure your new solution offers the business intelligence and industry-related requirements that you need to be successful. Compliance, transparency, audit controls, and other security features are offered in many ERP solutions. If you follow specialized accounting standards, privacy, or other legislative standards, be sure your ERP supports those capabilities.
  4. Deployment options: Depending on your budget, IT capabilities, mobility needs, and other considerations, you may deploy ERP in the Cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid solution that is a combination of deployment methods.

You can keep your ERP implementation on the right track by spending quality time in the planning process and prevent the distraction of scope of work changes, unnecessary customizations, and assigning the right people to work with the software provider.  Maurno offers valuable tips for planning and undertaking an ERP deployment.  You can also contact Collins Computing for additional guidance with choosing an ERP solution and support during and after deployment.

By Collins Computing, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Certified Partner out of California

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