ERP Is A ‘Must Have’ For Manufacturers

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Any business owner or manager will tell you that their business, obviously, requires a building with electricity, water, and other modern conveniences. According to a survey by Manufacturing Business Technology, manufacturers are also rating enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution as a ‘must have’ for their business.

As discussed in “Manufacturers rely on ERP Software,” posted by Dave Turbide on SeaCoastOnline.com, the Manufacturing Business Technology survey revealed that today’s manufacturers rate a strong ERP solution as high on the list as other commonly needed infrastructure such as electricity and communications. Though ERP has been around for many years, these powerful business management solutions weren’t fully embraced until the 1990s. Today, most manufacturers have ERP systems. However, many were implemented years ago with about 63% respondents indicating that their systems were about 4 years old and nearly one-third indicating their systems were at least 7 years old. While that doesn’t sound like a long time, consider how much your own business can change in a mere 4 to 7 years. Products or services, business operations, customers, and so many other elements of your business can change year-to-year.  The survey revealed that many manufacturers avoid the necessary upgrades due to concerns for disrupting business operations. Nearly 63% of respondents are using old software which can make it difficult to keep up with their competition.

Many ERP providers are aware of how difficult it can be for businesses to schedule the time to make necessary upgrades to their ERP systems. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer the ability for upgrades and other improvements to be completed behind-the-scenes, without business interruption. This deployment option can also provide added mobility and a new level of flexibility that can make it even easier to keep your ERP system aligned with your business needs.

Innovative solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offer the ability to manage all of your operations from a single, integrated solution including finances, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and payroll and human resources activities. You can also change features and functions along with changes in business operations.

ERP is a ‘must have’ for manufacturers; however, the right ERP solution is absolutely necessary. Contact MIBAR.net for more information about implementing an ERP solution that matches your business needs today and can remain aligned with your needs well into the future.

By MIBAR.net, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Greater New York

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