Effective and Efficient Warehouse Management Solutions that Streamline Inventory and Shipping Processes

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Wholesale inventories in the U.S. rose 1.5 percent in September which was a much bigger gain than had been expected, after a 1.2 percent increase in August. Inventory rebuilding has provided critical support as the economy has struggled to emerge from a deep recession. Increased orders to fill empty store shelves have translated into higher production at the nation’s factories. According to BusinessWeek, the amount of goods on hand compared with sales in October held at the highest in almost a year, indicating companies may be growing confident about the outlook for demand to spur production. Recent data showed November retail same-store sales rose more than forecast, signs of momentum in the economy before the end of the year.

These statistics create a positive outlook for wholesalers and for the overall economy, although as we’ve stated in a previous post, wholesale distributors often tend to grow faster than the rest. We found that the industry seems to retain its precedence because wholesaler-distributors perform supply chain functions more effectively and efficiently than either manufacturers or customers. More specifically, effective and efficient warehouse management solutions that streamline inventory and shipping processes:

Inventory Management: Control of your inventory is the heart of your business. You need detailed information that is accessible and easy to analyze. AbeTech can help you mobilize inventory control with mobile computers, wireless technology and RFID – all wrapped around an inventory tracking software solution.

Shipping: In addition to inventory management, you also need deep insight into shipping processes. From the warehouse to its end destination, virtually every product ever made, bought or sold has been affected by shipping. This makes the process of recording the past and present whereabouts of a shipment, as it passes from hand-to-hand through a distribution network, critical. At AbeTech, we’re experts in architecting and deploying turnkey and custom solutions that enable you to track and trace the progress of your order or shipment at the product, case or pallet level at all times.

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By Jennifer Toepper with AbeTech, Microsoft Dynamics Hardware Provider

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