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Dynamics GP 2013 Price Discount Is Less Now, More Later

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Microsoft often offers its customers discounts and special deals for their business products. The latest is called “Give Me 5 Again”, a promotional deal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. In most scenarios and for most companies, this is a great deal and well worth it, but there is one scenario where it might be more costly as time progresses. To understand why, you need to know the details.

The Promotion

The Give Me 5 Again promotion offers the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack- (includes 3 concurrent users. Regular price: $5,000
  • 2 additional full users. Regular price: $3,000 each.

Give Me 5 Again Promotion  Price: $3,000 USD for 5 users total. (expires December 24, 2013)

See: Modules included in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack and More Details on Calculating the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Savings

Five full user licenses for Dynamics GP normally costs $11,000 USD, so this is a significant savings of $8,000.   While it is a remarkably good deal for any organization, including distribution companies, that needs 5 or more licenses, it may not be such a good deal if you only plan on having 3 users.

Why it Costs More Later

The reason it will cost more later is because the annual maintenance fee from Microsoft is 18% of the FULL system list price. So if you want only three users, but take advantage of this promotion, you will save $2,000 now but pay more later because the annual maintenance plan cost for Microsoft Dynamics GP is higher with a 5-user system.

In other words, if you only need 3 licenses and buy the Dynamics GP Starter Pack for 3 users for $5,000, you would pay $900 a year for the 18% Advantage Plan. On the other hand, if you buy the “Give Me 5 Again” promotion with the 2 extra licenses, you will pay $1,980 per year.

In most cases, having the two extra users is well worth the extra per-year cost, but if you run a small distribution company and truly have no one else other than your 3 users, now and in the foreseeable future, it would make more sense to stick with the normal starter pack.

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By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions,

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