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Don’t Struggle With Inefficient Software, Get It Together With A New System

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There may have been a time when specialty software systems fit the bill. However, over time customizations and “creative” connections between disparate systems introduced more complications than they solved. Stop struggling with ineffective, disparate software and streamline operations with an innovative, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The most critical set of data for monitoring business operations are the financials, which is why businesses often invest in a strong accounting solution. Next to financials, inventory is another key metric. An inventory management solution can be used to keep track of inventory in the warehouse and, ideally, reduce the chance for stock-outs. However, while using separate accounting and inventory management systems may seem like a good idea, it puts data in silos. Separate data is not only harder to access, it’s harder to use. Making inventory decisions without considering the financial status of the overall business or available budgets could lead to financial problems. Strategizing procurement plans without considering customer trends could leave you with too much of the wrong inventory. Get your data together by replacing separate systems with an integrated solution.

You can manage all of your business operations from an innovative ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, including financial and accounting operations, procurement and inventory management, manufacturing and distribution activities, and other core business tasks. Capturing data within a single, centralized solution is more efficient and makes data easier to access. With financial, inventory, and other data within easy reach, you can use it to identify trends with your business. For example, you can determine which products may be increasing in demand as well as which products may soon become obsolete. You can then make strategic procurement decisions and stock up on the right inventory, in the right quantities, and that meet your profit goals.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers built-in business intelligence that utilizes all of your business data. You can monitor key metrics, in real time, to strategize business plans and set goals. With a 360 degree view of your business, you can be confident in having all the data you need to make smart business decisions. Don’t struggle with disparate, inefficient software systems. Contact Empower Business Solutions for guidance on using ERP to get all your data together so you can use it to drive growth.

By Empower Business Solutions, a Microsoft Partner out of Pennsylvania

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