Don’t Let Misconceptions Prevent You From Investigating Better Technology

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Many small manufacturers and wholesalers believe enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are too expensive and don’t feel that these solutions would benefit their business.  However, ERP is designed to streamline operations, boost sales, and improve productivity – three of the main challenges facing these businesses.  You can’t always believe what you hear on the streets.  Here are few reasons why ERP can be better than the entry-level solutions that you may be currently using.

  1. Technology investment: Many specialty software programs, such as those needed to manage finances, inventory, and other business processes, come with expensive licensing fees. You may also require technical assistance from multiple software providers which can add up when it’s time for upgrades or maintenance. Today’s ERP solutions, included those offered in the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP suite, can be deployed in the Cloud, which can offer significant cost-savings. In addition, flexible licensing fees that allow you to scale the number of users up or down as your headcount or needs change can be more affordable. Finally, one solution managed by one provider can also be easier on the budget.
  2. Automations save time and money: Comprehensive ERP solutions are integrated and can manage all of your core business operations. For example, instead of printing or emailing summary reports to pass around the office and re-enter into other software programs, you can have all your business data neatly organized in one solution. Data can be accessed and shared between departments much faster than with disparate solutions. Improve productivity by automating data-entry and data-sharing and reducing the time wasted on redundant data entry and fixing duplicate or erroneous data.
  3. Better business insight: ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, also offer powerful business intelligence and robust reporting which you can’t get from disparate solutions. You can quickly prepare financial, inventory, sales, and other reports with the real-time data within the solution. You don’t have to verify data before analyzing it or piecemeal data together from several disparate solutions to create reports manually. You can then use this insight to boost sales, control inventory, optimize cash flow, or improve other operations.

Cutting-edge business technology doesn’t automatically mean cost-prohibitive.  Contact MIBAR.net to discuss your business needs and how the right ERP solution can save you time and money, as well as nurture business growth.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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