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Don’t Cave Under Pressure, Thrive With The Support Of Strong Technology

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Wholesalers and distributors are facing increasing pressure at the retail level. In addition to fierce competition, there are demanding customers and logistical issues that can easily eat into profit margins. Businesses can face the pressure head-on and thrive when the right technology is in place.

The retail sector is highly competitive and fast-paced. In order to keep up with the competition, you may expand product lines and tap into e-commerce, creating online stores or internet-based auctions. With inventory coming and going, the warehouse and distribution centers can become quite chaotic and you simply can’t manage inventory with spreadsheets and physical inventory counts. Don’t let inefficient processes stifle your momentum, it’s time to upgrade your technology.

Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions provide a solid foundation on which to build agile wholesale distribution operations. A single solution can connect each warehouse and distribution center so that you can have real-time insight for inventory no matter where it’s located. A robust solution includes RFID, bar codes, and EPCs technology. You can use these more accurate means to track inventory as it’s coming into each warehouse and distribution center, as it’s being used during manufacturing activities, or being shipped to customers. The process is faster for your employees in shipping and receiving, your procurement team can monitor inventory usage, and managers can pay closer attention to supply and demand trends.

Many ERP solutions also offer built-in business intelligence and reporting features that make it easier to monitor key metrics and make strategic, data-driven inventory decisions. You can get closer to safety or buffer inventory levels, for example, or stock up on the inventory items that customers are demanding. You can also react faster to changing marketplace conditions and reduce the risk of being stuck with obsolete inventory. With real-time insight, you can improve order fulfillment and get products to customers faster and reduce the risk for costly and frustrating stock-outs.

Don’t cave under pressure, deploy the technology that can strengthen inventory management and other business processes. Contact The Resource Group for more information about your ERP options and deploying the technology that can drive growth.

By The Resource Group, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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