Don’t Be Tardy – Deliver On-Time, Every Time

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Just like you don’t want your kids to be late for school, you don’t want your important products or services to be late getting to your customers.  Tardiness is never a trait that is much admired and can actually cause you to lose important clients.  Beat the bell each and every time by effectively using your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

What you do behind the scenes has a great deal to do with how you get your products packaged and delivered for your consumer.  Using a reliable, robust warehouse management system (WMS) with your ERP will automate and simplify the receipt of inventory, while earmarking orders for deliveries.  Being able to juggle incoming and outgoing products, in real-time, is key to a successful warehouse operation.

NAV-X is a powerful software solution for distribution businesses that want to keep tight reins on operations from the front office to the back warehouse.  You can collect orders from customers using built-in credit card processing features to speed up payments.  You can also include order descriptions, shipment requirements, and deadlines so that your entire team knows how to prioritize and fulfill orders.  Barcode scanners can be used during the packing process to improve keep inventory counts in real-time.  Your team can also use the software to consolidate Bill of Ladings and Package/Pallet labeling.  Avoid misprints or inaccurate labeling that could cause damage to your valuable and fragile products.  Knowing inventory counts, in real-time, will improve your ability to procure inventory effectively and manage existing inventory.  Maintain the proper level of buffer inventory and reduce the tendency to over-stock inventory to save money and improve cash flow.  In addition, you can be confident that you have the inventory that your customers want, when they want it.

Streamlining warehouse logistics will make it easier for your team to pick, pack, and ship.  NAV-X will streamline the pick and ship process and make sure the right products are getting to the right customers each and every time.  The barcode system will help your team find and pack the right products and ship them in accordance with the customers shipping requirements.  Reduce the chance for backorders, returns, and damaged products by having all your critical instructions organized in NAV-X.  The more you can simplify and automate the pack and ship process, the easier it is to get your products delivered.

We’ve come a long way since carbon copy order forms and intercoms to the back warehouse.  Using today’s technology, such as NAV-X, will give you the confidence that your team is delivering the right products to your customers on time, every time.

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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