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Does the BYOD Trend Affect You?

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You may have noticed a new trend popping up within your business network – bring your own device (BYOD) to work.  Businesses are discovering that employees don’t want to carry a personal smartphone along with a business phone.  In addition, many of today’s professionals have tablets which could be put to good use.  This trend supports the idea that successful business isn’t limited to hard-wired computers within your office walls.

Executives, sales teams, field service teams, and other traveling employees have been unchained from their desks thanks to mobile technology, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  You and your team can access important business and customer information whether you are in a conference room meeting or out to lunch.  You save time from having to use your office desk as central command station to get inventory records, sales histories, or even supplier contract data.  No matter where you are, or what time of day, you can get on your tablet or smartphone and pickup that same critical data and keep your projects moving along and your customers happy – and that is one of the key parts here, keeping your customers happy.

If your employees are bringing their devices to work, why not put them to good use?  You will want to create a policy, install software to protect your business data, and keep tabs (no pun intended) on the devices.  Letting employees use their devices, that they are comfortable with, is like arming them with the right tools for the job.  Many of today’s most popular business software, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can be accessed on mobile devices.  In addition, advanced software add-ons, like the Appolis WithoutWire™ applications, are designed for mobile device users.  Field technicians can use mobile devices to manage inventory on-the-spot and ensure that customers are getting the items they ordered, and on time.  Using mobile devices and savvy business software solutions will improve visibility and control over your supply chain, make it easier to maintain lean inventory levels, and help you maintain detailed traceability for your raw inventory and final products.

Innovative business software and mobile technology is colliding; putting businesses on the fast track to improving productivity and personalized customer service, which is driving growth.  Mobile technology is unchaining our teams from their desks, making them free to leave the office.  Whether it is meeting with customers, walking around the warehouse or factory floor they are never severed from critical data.  The BYOD trend is gaining popularity because it can make a difference.  Contact Appolis for more information about using the BYOD trend to optimize your business operations both inside and outside of your office walls by calling 612-343-0404.

By Appolis, Microsoft Dynamics GP Warehouse Management System (WMS) Provider

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