Does Hosting an ERP Solution Really Save Your Money?

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If you have chosen to deploy a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management solution, such as those in the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP product line, then you have another choice to make – how to deploy the solution.  Like many software programs, you can deploy on-premise with your own hardware, servers, and IT department.  However, Cloud technology offers the ability to deploy using a public or private cloud or a hybrid solution that utilizes a combination of each of the options available.  When deciding how to deploy ERP, we are often asked how much can the Cloud really save me?  Before we start talking dollar figures, consider a few of the more obvious cost-savings when deploying in the Cloud.

  1. Cloud vs. IT Departmental Costs:  Business management software has requirements for the type of equipment needed to run the solutions and a reliable server to protect your data.  You can save money by hosting in the Cloud, rather than investing in hardware, servers, and the IT experts to maintain the on-premise system.  If you don’t have the hardware to deploy your ERP solution or the IT experts, then you can save money with a hosted Cloud server by choosing a pay-as-you-go program or purchase a solution license.
  2. Cloud vs. On-Premise Maintenance and Security:  You may have an IT department that can handle on-premise ERP deployment; however, do they have the expertise or the time to devote to maintenance and security?  A Cloud-hosted deployment takes maintenance and security to a whole new level and out of your hair.  OmniVue offers 99.5% network up-time with around-the-clock access.  We also take care of server maintenance; saving your IT people time, as well as preventing down-time for the rest of your software users.
  3. Save Time and Time is Money:  In the time it could take to install and troubleshoot your new hardware and servers, you could already be using your ERP software in the Cloud and leveraging data to your advantage.  If you are in a hurry to get your ERP deployed and working, then a Cloud solution is better for you.

A Cloud deployment will take less time than an on-premise deployment with equipment installation and troubleshooting.  You can save money by using a pay-as-you go program and invest in your business, rather than an IT department.  Contact OmniVue to talk real dollar figures and determine how much you can save with a Cloud ERP deployment.

By OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner (

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