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For the last few years, the challenges of our economy have taught many businesses a hard lesson – how to do more, with less.  This can be a big challenge for distributors that already work hard to provide high quality products to customers in a timely, and cost-effective, manner.  This lesson has its benefits though – better profitability too.  It pays to streamline operations and watch the bottom line.

One way to accomplish more, with less time or money, is to provide your workforce with the right technology.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a comprehensive business management software that monitors financials, project and services management, supply chain, and other business aspects so you can spend less time entering and looking for data and more time using it to grow your business.  Like other Microsoft products, it is easy to use and adds automation to common daily data-entry and data-sharing.  No more searching for records in files or spreadsheets.  The many reporting features and analytics will provide you with the exact real-time business information you need, when you need it.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can strengthen your supply chain and bring efficiency to inventory management.  Know which suppliers you can rely on to supply high-quality products in a timely, and cost-effective manner.  Optimize inventory levels by having the inventory your customers need, when they need it.  Save money by not storing excessive amounts of inventory that risk expiration or become obsolete over time.  Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics GP can alert you when milestones are being met on projects or when budgets are reaching key levels.  With your finger on the pulse of your company, you can make quick decisions when opportunities arise or take action when a problem is presented.

The right software can improve productivity and profitability.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is just the right technology to streamline operations, optimize cash flow, and improve communication throughout your business and with customers.  This popular software solution will save time and save money, and help you do more with less.  Contact Socius to see how Microsoft Dynamics GP can improve efficiency throughout your business and improve your bottom line.

By Socius, a Microsoft Gold Certified ERP partner out of Ohio

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