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Your mother was right, if you are going to do something, you should do it right the first time.  Many businesses have policies and procedures, but may be missing the right tools – the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that brings everything together.

There are accounting programs, inventory software, sales and marketing programs, and other sophisticated spreadsheets available to new or young businesses.  While they may serve their purposes individually, they aren’t able to provide the visibility you need to run your entire operation.  It may be tempting to piece-meal your business software as you find available cash in your budget, however you may find a day when your bare-bones, disparate software is actually holding you back.  Entering data from a sale into inventory programs, then into accounting software to generate an invoice is time-consuming and ripe for mistakes.  Set yourself up for success by implementing an ERP software solution that will streamline operations, improve productivity, and position your business for growth.

Many ERP software solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, provide comprehensive management of financials, supply chain, manufacturing and service operations, payroll and human resources, and other core business functions.  Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers powerful business intelligence and reporting features.  A single software solution will save time from having to enter data into one software, and then another, as you might do if using separate software programs.  You will also be able to use real time data to actively monitor important metrics.  Keep an eye on the business processes that are running smoothly and take quick action when metrics are not being met.  As your business grows and changes, Microsoft Dynamics GP is flexible enough to stay aligned with your changing business needs.

Save time, money, and even a few proverbial bumps in the road by bringing your team together with a comprehensive ERP software solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  An integrated software solution will unite your team and provide guidance and support so that everyone is performing their tasks the right way each and every time.  Contact MIBAR.net for additional information about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how you can manage your business operations the right way from now on.

By MIBAR.net, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Greater New York

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