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Distributors Can Protect High-Tech Secrets with Low-Tech Ideas

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Every business has its secrets. Whether they are simple secrets like sensitive customer data or super secrets like military contracts or corporate intellectual property details, distribution companies have a duty to protect them the best it can. There are many expensive, high-tech ways to keep your secrets, but assuming you are not made of money, what follows are some low-tech steps you can take to keep your secrets safe.


  • Create security access levels and compartments for dataNot everyone in your organization needs to know everything. Some might need access to files on IP while others only need to know customers’ personal information. Assign permissions and roles to each user in the organization. Good role-tailored ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP can help with this. Microsoft Dynamics GP access can be restricted and monitored right down to the window level.
  • Password protect as much as you can It might seem like overkill to password protect information on a computer that only you have access to and that is already password protected as a whole, but it is always important to have multiple lines of defense. You can encrypt sections of your hard drive or even entire drives, accessible only via passwords, and do so without spend much if any money.
  • MonitorThere are going to be times when you might have guest users or customers on the system. Monitor them. Make sure they do not stray where they should not, and do not leave sensitive data accessible to someone who might just get curious.
  • Label and mark sensitive documents – Not everyone who reveals secret information does so intentionally. If your documents are not clearly labeled as private, copyrighted, trademarked, legally protected or whatever else they might be, you cannot really blame someone who shares it unknowingly. Clearly label private communications, documents, reports and anything else you need to protect.


Be proactive with your protection of secrets. Litigation and mitigation is much more expensive than these basic methods of prevention. You can stop most leaks simply by patching the holes ahead of time.


Find out more tips in the Industrial Distribution article 10 Low-Tech Ideas to Protect High-Tech Secrets.


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