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Distributor Achieves One Minute Order Entry with Dynamics GP and SalesPad

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When you call a company to place an order, how long does it take?  If you call Beekley Medical you only need to give them one minute of your time – thanks to Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad.
Connecticut based Beekley Medical manufactures and distributes disposable medical products and has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) for over a decade. During that time, they provided excellent customer service with an average 2.5-minute order entry time. But Beekley Medical wanted to give its customers even better results. With the help of CAL Business Solution, Beekley added a tool called SalesPad to their Dynamics GP system. This gave the company improved distribution and customer service functionality. The result: order entry time is down to just 1 minute. This means Beekley Medical can serve their customers faster.

The Customer Care Manager at Beekley Medical commented, “Since the time we first started using SalesPad our order volume has increased 10% per year.  With the efficiencies that SalesPad has to offer and the work capabilities, we have been able to maintain the same number of customer care representatives, and at the same time we have reduced our order entry from 2.5 minutes down to 1 minute.”

CAL was able to leverage its deep knowledge of the product to customize SalesPad not only to mirror, but to improve  Beekley Medical’s established sales fulfillment process.

“We have gone from next-day shipping to same-day shipping. The manufacturing manager can see what is being ordered and how many items he will need to produce to fulfill those orders.  SalesPad data collection tools have improved our picking process and order accuracy. With Dynamics GP Manufacturing and SalesPad we are getting the product to the customers faster.” Said Olga Glynos, Director of Finance and Technology at Beekley Corporation.

Now Beekley Medical has reduced order time to one minute, improved the picking process and order accuracy, and even gone paperless by using PaperSave for Dynamics GP. The result is a stress free productive environment for the Beekley Medical teams and an even more efficient and reliable ordering process for customers.

So Beekley Medical can now legitimately ask their clients, “got a minute?”

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If you are a distribution company looking to lower your order entry time and provide better customer service, contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4

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