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Distribution Technology Drives Earnings and Profits

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There is a battle of technology in today’s consumer driven supply chain: Consumers use internet and mobile technology to shop for best prices around the globe, and distribution technology is used to keep earnings and profits maximized for local suppliers.


Consumers are always wanting things faster, better or cheaper – however, almost NEVER can we actually get all three things at the same time. The internet and the recent advent of smart-mobile devices have made consumers very savvy shoppers, and consumers have the capability to shop from global providers instead of local brick and mortar solutions. Now distributors are competing across state, national and international lines for their precious chunk of market share. The only way for suppliers and distributors to match consumers’ expectations is to let Distribution Technology drive their earnings and profits. One of today’s top distribution solutions technologies that allows this is SalesPad for Dynamics GP.

SalesPad Distribution Technology

Perhaps the most critical factor in determining the consumer cost of an item is the ability for a supplier to have accurate, real time data across the supply chain. This data is imperative to predict the true cost of fulfilling an item and when it would be shipped and received. To accomplish this type of data collection, successful distributors turn to Dynamics GP and SalesPad Distribution software.

Consumers do not care about the intricacies of how the supply chain is put together, just as most people do not really care how a combustible engine works – they just want to drive their cars. Distributors, on the other hand, need to make sure that certain components are well oiled and fine tuned. A few examples of these include:

  • Retailer Communication – this is often maximized via EDI (electronic data interchange) and ERP systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Compliance – Distributors will always have to make sure that they are being compliant with governmental regulations. Efficient technological systems have the ability to make this process as painless as possible, and they provide accurate data to help monitor these compliance issues.
  • Order Fulfillment – Nothing is prettier than a warehouse that is running so smooth, that it seems almost magical. Remote handhelds for order picking, accurate item data to calculate shipping and inventory restocking can all be accomplished with a powerful ERP system like Dynamics GP.
  • Shipping – Complexities are increasing in shipping, such as  automation, shipping rates and outbound processes. Again, suppliers have the ability to invest in technology that will make them competitive in every aspect of the supply chain.

Companies need to now move quickly to keep up with the never ending increase in consumer electronics and ordering channels. Having a solid integrated distribution technology system in place can help your business maintain its edge in this ever improving world. Who knows, maybe the consumer can finally have it BETTER, CHEAPER and FASTER!

CIS proactively helps businesses evaluate their technology and “best business” practices to be the most productive and profitable that they can be. One of the top solutions for distribution companies is Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad Distribution for GP. Please contact us with any questions about this article and also visit our website link for a FREE TRIAL of SalesPad and Dynamics GP!

— The CIS TEam

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