Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics GP at Convergence 2012

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Convergence 2012 is taking place in Houston, TX this week March 18-21st and I’m excited for the various sessions, meeting opportunities, and fun activities. One session in particular is 50 tips in 50 minutes: Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With the multiple features in Microsoft Dynamics GP, it’s nice to see specific focus for distribution related operations. Presenters are going to dig into ways to boost productivity in Microsoft Dynamics GP with Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Inventory Control modules.  With features like ‘Available To Promise’ in Inventory and easy-to-use printing windows, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the flexibility distributors need to manage their daily operations.

Even more important is how to get the information you need out of the system so you can better streamline your those operations. The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics GP is the data you need is there, and it’s actually possible to export it out into readable data that you can use for business analysis. This session will review ways to leverage the enhanced reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Another thing I like about this session is how it quickly reviews 50 tips. A lot of the usability issues for Microsoft Dynamics GP are a result of users not even knowing functionality is possible. If you don’t know to ask the question, then you won’t find a (sometimes easy) answer. This session skips over the step of you having to know. You’ll learn the functionality before you may even realize you have a question.

All in all, we hope to see you at Convergence next week. Make the most of your time there and attend the sessions most relevant to you. But most of all have some fun!


By Jory Weissman with MIBAR.net, New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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