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Distribution Customers Take Advantage of Client Advisory Panel

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Are you a member of a Client Advisory Panel for your software services vendor?  Do you get a chance to request what modules or solutions your consulting partner will cover next for a FREE WEBCAST?  Do you have a strong voice in matters pertaining to email distribution, newsletter content, or customer event and training options?  Where does your company need to focus some attention to streamline your business?

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics partner, Collins Computing not only serves on several Advisory Boards from Microsoft, we also extend the same type of ‘voice’ to our customers.  Each year we give our current clients the opportunity to serve on a Client Advisory Board (CAB).  Some meetings are in person (specifically at Microsoft’s Customer Conference Convergence), some meetings are webcast style, some ‘meetings’ are through surveys, and some are only conference calls.  We don’t ask for an inordinate amount of time from our customers, just 4-6 times in a year.  We do offer attendee discounts for our Collins Computing customer events and particular promotions, but most clients are just happy to be members.

Although we are always open to suggestions on how to strengthen our relationships with our business partners, the client advisory board meetings give these customers a chance to select services and offerings that appeal directly to their organization.  Consulting firms should cater to their specific customer’s requests, and offer the most appropriate webcasts, training sessions, and newsletter content based around their current client base.  At Collins Computing, we find the most effective way to do this is to TALK to our customers consistently and respond to their requests.

Collins Computing presents FREE monthly webcasts to our customer base, which consist of “Tips and Tricks for existing modules”, to “Hot Products our customerbase has been adding”, to “Key Features of the next Microsoft release” (a podcast Microsoft presents, which we expand upon).

If you want to enhance the benefits you get from your Distribution Software Services partner, share these notes! Or better yet, get us on your team and be connected with the software, services, and training you need to process your orders and service to your customers most effectively!  Read this “Customers Counting on Collins” document and then click here to ask us how you can get these customer benefits for your organization!

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