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Distribution companies may use Kinect and Microsoft Dynamics to Pick, Pack & Ship

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Lately, the Kinect ‘gaming’ device has really made news with businesses and youngsters alike as the ‘ideal’ way to control a transaction, especially if you don’t want to have to touch a keyboard, mouse, or controller!  Here’s a short Kinect Warehouse video that Microsoft shared with its partners and customers at Convergence in March 2012.

There are videos available to Microsoft Partners (to share with their customers and prospects) on how Microsoft has harnessed that technology, specifically for the warehouse processes of Pick, Pack and Ship.  Many distribution companies can’t have their employees touching keyboards or devices with messy fingers or contaminating their materials.  You can ask your current Microsoft Dynamics partner, or contact Collins Computing, to share these videos and Roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics for the Distribution channel.

As I said, Kinect is really making headway, especially with those folks trying to make a difference for our world. Image Cup 2012 is a contest in which Microsoft has asked students to “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems,” by delivering protypes of inventions.  One of the finalists, Kinect Math (#KMath in #PeopleChoice), created a tool utilizing Microsoft Kinect to provide a new interactive way to teach abstract Math concepts and visualize them in realtime.

Just this week (April 23rd, 2012) 70 countries are competing around the world in the regional finals of the Image Cup 2012.  Twenty-two of those finalists in the U.S. are competing in Seattle, Washington in the Image Cup USA , for a chance to go on to Sydney, Australia in early July.   You can even vote (prior to May 14th, 2012) for a winner who will go on to the World finals in Sydney Australia

Don’t miss out on Distribution software and  technology your business could use, because you don’t have a partner to assist you in the vision.  Ask Collins Computing to share our insights with your organization, and how we have assisted other distribution companies in rising to the top, without getting their ‘devices’ dirty.

Abra Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing– Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Consultant  – Count on Collins, Count on Success

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