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Distribution Companies Go Mobile with ERP

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More and more distribution companies are introducing mobile applications for our smartphones.  For example Grainger released a their mobile app in August and they are not the only distributor to introduce this technology to their customers and sales teams.  Let’s face it, we all spend way to much time on our phones.  I saw an article on Yahoo! News referencing a study by Pew Research that showed half of all adults in the USA now either own a smartphone or tablet computer.   I know that I use my Galaxy and Kindle Fire everyday, several times a day and I am not even the fanatic like some people.  For example, I can go half a day without my phone if I happen to have forgotten it when I left for the office!  Of course I go home at lunch and pick it up.  How did we ever survive without our phones?

What is great about these devices is that they allow sales teams from distribution and  manufacturing companies the ability to see customer’s accounts receivable amounts, open orders, shipped orders, invoices, inventory quantities and even dial the customer’s number from the info in their smartphone app.   Granted the app is connected to an ERP system back at the office, but that is fine since Internet connectivity has come such a long way.  I wish that I sold widgets or similar so I could have the new SalesPad app on my smartphone…This app does all the items I mentioned above.

This is from the SalesPad website:

“SalesPad Mobile gives Microsoft® Dynamics GP users the power to manage their customers, inventory, and sales documents from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. Whether traveling, on-site, or simply away from your desk, SalesPad Mobile enables you to never be disconnected from your company again.”

The great thing about this app is that it is not expensive.  Now you do have to own Dynamics GP with SalesPad for this app and if you don’t I would run out and get this ERP package from your local Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller!

I would really like to see statistics on how these mobile apps increase revenue… I should do some research on that topic.   I do know that having the SalesPad app  would reduce call time back to the office for inventory or order information which would also save my office staff a lot of time too.    One day we will be saying, how did our sales team every survive without our distribution apps?

Take a peek at this app here:

Nancy Phillippi, Custom Information Services (CIS) Arlington Texas
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CIS is a Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad Partner

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