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Develop Your Relationship with Resellers, Dealers, & VARs Through Streamlined Operations

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As you already well know, making your business relationships strong will pay off in the long run. But first, you need to fully understand how the chain of communication is set up within the distribution channel. What relationships should you develop to give you that competitive advantage?

Resellers, dealers, and VARs are the channel’s “selling machine.” They purchase either directly from the manufacturer or distributor/wholesaler and then in turn sell directly to the end‐user. Resellers, dealers and VARs are an integral part of the market and developing a good relationship with them can really enhance your distribution business.

In the technology world, Blue Moon is both a Microsoft Dynamics VAR and an Independent Solution Vendor, meaning we supply both Microsoft Dynamics solutions as well as add on solutions that enhance Microsoft Dynamics products. Because of this, we understand the relationship from various perspectives in the IT world and know it is similar for distributors. Let’s take a closer look at what your resellers, dealers and VARs are most interested in so you know exactly how to develop these relationships…

One thing you should understand about resellers, dealers, and VARs is that they are interested in leads to help grow their business…but then again who isn’t? Nevertheless, understanding the companies you work with is an essential component to a partnership and one that can make doing business much easier.  Now that you have this golden nugget of information, setting up operations in-house is your next step. By connecting your back office with your warehouse, you can streamline your daily operations so that each department is talking to one another, providing more valuable information to your partners and bringing more business into you.

As with any relationship, it takes some work to gain trust and to develop a partnership that will benefit both parties. Make sure your operations are on track so you can step up to the plate for the demands of resellers, dealers, and VARs.

By Blue Moon, Leading Microsoft Dynamics Operations Suite Solution Provider

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