Delivering Ice Cream Before It Melts

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How do you deliver thousands of one-pint containers of rocky road ice cream to the grocery store before it melts?  As quickly as possible.  To get to that point though, you need to have a reliable team that can attract new customers, maintain the right inventory, and an efficient pack-and-ship operation.  With little room for error, ice cream tends to melt fast, you also need the right technology in place.

Any manufacturer or distributor, especially those in the food and beverage industry, knows that delivering the right products to their customers is critical to business success.  Delivering the wrong color, quantity, size, or flavor of ice cream will cause your customer to look for other sources.  In addition, you could lose money from having to retrieve the bad order, getting stuck with inventory that your other customers may not want, and even face possible financial penalties for getting the order wrong in the first place.  This situation is exactly why it’s so important to have a system that can provide greater insight and control over your business operations from the office to the warehouse to the customer.  Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions can organize financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and other core business operations.  However, special attention should be made toward inventory management to ensure that you are manufacturing and delivering the right products for your customers, each and every time.

The more options you offer customers, the tougher it can be to stock the right inventory.  Making-to-stock or buying the wrong inventory can quickly eat up cash flow, as well as profit margins.  Getting stuck with perishable items or products that are becoming obsolete can become an expensive lesson in poor forecasting.  The Demand Manager offered by RockySoft, can track multiple size/color combinations for greater visibility into trending products.  You can create more accurate forecasts by using sales history and analyzing specific parts, products, customers, or a combination of this data to identify potential trends.  Take the guesswork out of procurement planning and find the right stocking strategy for your business.  The data collected in your ERP and analyzed with RockySoft solutions can guide you in the right direction, helping you determine which stock to build up, and when.

You don’t want to overstock rocky road ice cream when customer sales are trending toward strawberry-banana.  The right technology can give you the insight into customer buying habits and trending products so that you can stock up on the right inventory at the right time.  Contact RockySoft for additional information about their inventory management and demand planning software solutions so you can deliver your ice cream before it melts.

By Jeffrey Porter with RockySoft, demand planning ISV for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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