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Decrease Data Error with Distribution Software

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Distribution software is loaded with excellent opportunities for you to effectively move your resources around in an efficient way. Think about the system you currently have in place. Does it do everything you want it to do effectively and efficiently? Do you have access to accurate and up to date data at the click of a mouse? Is it cost effective and efficient in the way that it manages your business? If you answered no to any of these questions, then it may be time for change. Let’s take a look at how distribution software can streamline your business:

  • Order Processing: Distribution software should include some kind of order processing and application management applications. These applications will help to organize your documentation a great deal more efficiently than a manual system.
  • Inventory Control: The inventory control options will offer better control of your stock levels by providing up to date information on how much stock is on hand and how much stock is required in order to be able to fill the orders already in the system. It is much more reliable than the typically irregular manual stock take.
  • Accounting: Distribution software will also consolidate your accounting requirements and organize all your purchasing and supplier information and data.
  • Management: Having distribution software installed should make all your management areas easier and more efficient, be it finance, warehouse or supply chain management. This is because it automates and consolidates many processes that previously had to be done manually. By integrating the various databases, it allows all your data to be available at the click of a button rather than by having to open and sort various different spreadsheets.

As you can see, the major reason for having distribution software installed is to streamline your business processes and increase efficiency. Distribution software decreases data errors and risk of losing data. Since there are so many options available in terms of distribution software, it is important to find one that does everything you need it to do.  Please contact us to learn more about our complete WMS solution here at Appolis.

By Steve Dwyer of Appolis, Inc., a leading warehouse management Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner.

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