Cost Savings are Just the Start of Cloud Benefits

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Discussions about Cloud computing have become very mainstream amongst businesses today.  Most companies, from small startups to large enterprise corporations, are investigating what benefits that the Cloud could bring to their operations.  One of the most often talked about benefits has been financially-related, but the true benefits of cloud services go far beyond monetary savings, Gartner analyst Tom Bittman says in “Cloud business benefits seen in engineering, retail, media and logistics,” posted on   Below are three benefits often discussed by businesses that are considering the implementation of Cloud computing, including cost savings:

  1. A Penny Saved:  There are many Cloud options that revolve around a pay-as-you-go price structure.  You only pay for the services you use and that structure is very flexible.  You can easily scale up or down the services you use depending on your business needs.  IT expenditures that were once classified as capital expenditures can become a predictable operational expenditure, making it easier on budgets.  
  2. Get Up To Speed Faster:  While it may not be quite as easy as flipping on a switch, deploying Cloud software is faster and easier than traditional in-house deployment.  You can avoid lengthy delays in acquiring new hardware, installing software, troubleshooting, and going live in-house.  The Cloud software, infrastructure, or platform that you chose is already there, you just need to obtain access to it.  Deployment and implementation timeframes are greatly reduced, so you can get to and achieve your return on investment much faster.
  3. Build Bridges:  Communication is essential whether you have one location or dozens.  Connecting your in-house employees with your field teams, sales and marketing teams, and customers can be improved by using Cloud technology.  No matter where your team is located, in or out of the office, at conferences, in meetings, or out to lunch, they can find and share data by using the Cloud services.  As you acquire business, expand into new areas, and develop a global footprint, you can access data from all of your locations by using Cloud services.

There are many options and benefits for working the Cloud into your IT infrastructure.  The best way to find out how the Cloud can work for you is by having a meeting with your software provider.  Together, you can discuss the choices, options, and pros and cons of Cloud computing that specifically apply to your business needs and budget.  The ultimate goal is to choose the Cloud deployment and functionality that will suit your unique business needs today and into the future.  Contact Socius for more information about the benefits of Cloud computing and you can save more than just pennies.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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