Control the Present and See the Future with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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A correlation can be made between how much your business is growing and the volume of data that is being generated.  Expanding product lines or services, networking with more vendors and suppliers, and reaching out to additional customers creates a lot of important information that you need to be able to access on a regular basis.  Using disparate or specialty software programs separates your data, making it difficult to find quickly.  In addition, it’s difficult to build correlations between business operations and profit margins with data scattered in different software programs.  If you can’t harness your data now, it won’t be any easier as you generate more of it.

A client of ours experienced a period of fast growth that resulted in the generation of a high volume of data.  They knew that they needed to rein in their business data before they couldn’t make heads or tails of the activities that were initiating such growth.  With specific goals in mind for controlling their data, but wanting to maintain the flexibility for future growth, they turned to us for guidance and found Microsoft Dynamics® GP (

Microsoft Dynamics GP provided our client with an easy way to collect and manage their most important business data.  This comprehensive business solution could also address their unique inventory issues, such as kits and bills of materials, answering the need for consistency and standardization of operations.  Integrating their business into a single software solution also introduced automation and improved productivity for their team.  They counted the mouse-clicks that were needed to get to their data and tailored user screens to remove as many clicks as possible.  The RoleTailored interface in Microsoft Dynamics GP allows users to tailor their screens, making key information readily available and hiding extraneous features.  The quicker users can get to the data they need, the quicker they can enter and share data, and move forward with other important tasks.

Working with our team at Socius, our client was able to find a business management solution that could capture the exponential growth of business data, as well as streamline operations and improve productivity.  Microsoft Dynamics GP was the technology they needed today and offers the flexibility to grow and change as their business needs may change with additional growth.  View this short video to learn more about how Gorilla Glue Company controls the present, while still planning for the future.


By Socius, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Ohio

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