Consistency And Standardization Are Necessary For High Manufacturing Standards

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Manufacturers that utilize consistent, standardized practices are more likely to be rewarded with superior labor productivity and reduced waste, which can lead to satisfactory profits and happy customers. Streamline operations and gain control and insight over key areas with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

When using disparate, specialty software, it can be difficult to find and use the information that you need to make prudent business decisions. Inadequate systems allow people to enter data in their own individual ways, which can result in unreliable and inaccurate data. A robust ERP solution offers the control and consistency that disparate software can’t. The right ERP solution provides a clear and reliable way for your team to enter and find the data that they need for their job tasks. You can manage all of your business operations including finances, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll, and other core business tasks from a single, controlled ERP solution. Since one solution is much easier to learn and use than multiple, disparate solutions, you can be confident that your team is entering data with consistency, which improves productivity and data accuracy.

Many of today’s ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offer security features which you can use to allow or restrict access to certain features for certain employees. Additional audit controls and electronic signatures can be used to track changes or updates to data and reason codes let managers know why data was changed. Managers can monitor key data from dashboards and respond quicker to deviations or unusual data.

You can also use ERP to monitor business processes and identify ways to streamline common tasks and improve labor productivity. For example, as sales orders are entered, your inventory can be updated and the procurement team can identify trending products and stock up on the raw materials needed to meet customer demand. Strategizing procurement activities can lead to cost savings as well as reduce the chance for expensive production line shut-downs because you’ve run out of necessary materials.

Gain control and insight throughout your business by replacing unreliable systems with a powerful ERP solution. Contact MIBAR.net to learn how ERP can improve consistency and standardization, which can support your efforts to meet and exceed high manufacturing standards and customer demands.

By MIBAR.net, Long Island, New York, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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