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Connecticut Distribution Company Determines That the Right ERP Partner is as Important as the Right ERP Software

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What do you do when you have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a deluxe ERP software system and after two years it is still not functioning properly or helping you run your business better?  That was the situation Moran USA, a wholesale distribution company based North Haven, Connecticut, found themselves in. 

Moran needed to replace an outdated DOS based system that had limited functionality and was not able to grow with their business, especially the company’s increased focus on ecommerce.  They were impressed with the deep functionality, dashboards, and advanced features shown in demos of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  However, two years after they purchased the system, it was still not functioning as promised. The Moran team was extremely frustrated and was considering scrapping the new system despite their substantial financial investment.

As a last resort, Moran looked for a new Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in their local area and started working with CAL Business Solutions.  CAL did a full review of their systems and determined that several areas of the system had been set up incorrectly or had been changed by users who did not have adequate training. The CAL team was able to fix these issues and make an immediate impact on Moran’s satisfaction level with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Then CAL started to dig deeper to correct larger issues.

CAL Business Solutions was able to:

  • Focus on being practical, efficient and simple
  • Rightsize an overly complicated Dynamics GP system
  • Lower annual maintenance costs
  • Communicate with industry experience
  • Patiently provide user training

Now Moran USA now has a practical ERP system they are comfortable with, that helps them run their business better and requires minimal ongoing support and lower annual fees.

Read Full Case Study: Connecticut Distribution Company Determines That the Right ERP Partner is as Important as the Right ERP Software

 By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Focused Partner in Connecticut

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