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Manufacturers and distributors have complicated businesses operations in the front office, as well as the back warehouse. Disparate, specialty software only adds needless distraction, wasting valuable time throughout the company. Connect business operations, gain insight over key data, and collaborate more effectively by replacing legacy systems with an integrated business management solution.

Specialty business software is often chosen for a specific reason. Businesses must have an accounting solution for financial management, an inventory solution to keep track of raw materials and finished products, and additional software for other processes. These software systems may do one task well; however, disparate systems also create problems. Data is separated in silos, making it difficult to access in a timely fashion. In addition, it’s tough to develop a correlation between data sets, like inventory usage, sales and profits. Without this insight, it’s a challenge to drive sales, profits or growth.

Drive Sales, Profits and Growth with ERP

Connect your business processes and data with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. Manage all the moving parts of your businesses within one solution, including financial transactions, inventory and suppliers, orders and fulfillment, manufacturing or distribution operations and payroll. Data can be entered once and shared for other uses. For example, EDI systems track inventory as it enters the warehouse, is used on the floor, and as it’s shipped to customers. Procurement has real-time insight into inventory availability and automatic alerts notify managers when inventory requires replenishing. Sales and customer service teams are able to monitor sales and identify trending behaviors, such as forecasting replacement orders or fast-moving inventory items.

Real-time data strengthens individual operations while also strengthening your business as a whole. Powerful business intelligence and reporting features put all of this information together, providing a 360-degree view of operations. Managers can identify new ways to boost sales and offer other value-added services to customers. Procurement can work lean, saving money by reducing the chance for needless overstocking and preventing stock-outs. In addition, the c-suite can use detailed, reliable data for margin and profit analysis.

Replace disparate systems with an integrated ERP solution and gain a stronger view of your business, operations, and profit margins. Contact The Resource Group to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics GP to drive profits and growth.

By The Resource Group, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Washington

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