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Connect and Target your Messaging with Instant Feedback from QR Codes

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Why does a company like Appolis put an ad in a parking garage with a QR code?  Well, this brings me to the topic of tracking.  In my analysis, most marketers see the value in QR codes as providing tracking of customers and prospective buyers with targeted messages and instant feedback on “views”.  They engage the customer with an experience that can connect the physical locations of the codes with the message that is tailored for a consumer.

The dynamic nature of the technology also allows messages to change at any rate that is applicable to the experience.  If you scan a QR code in the morning, the result could be a recommendation of a breakfast cafe that is providing discounts.  In the evening, the message can be a movie review that may influence your decisions on what movie to see.

For Appolis, a company that has been built around mobile devices and tracking of mostly physical processes and assets, including food and medical devices, we asked ourselves, how can a QR code be purposed for tracking inventory that is “off the grid”.

Enter the concept of remote inventory management.  About 2 1/2 years ago, Appolis invented a method to communicate inventory information using a consumer’s mobile phone.  The biggest challenge was that it required a user to enter numeric codes into their phone.  These codes contain encrypted data that represents a host of information about the inventory levels as well as an identity that only the receiving system could decrypt.  The problem was that these codes can only fit so much information in them.  By the time the code gets to 10 digits, good luck accurately entering them into the phone.  Why would someone take the time to enter a code they see on a vending machine?  So they can receive a reward such as free vended products.  QR codes are now a superior mechanism to get the “code” from the vending machine to the “mother ship”.

Appolis is bringing this technology and other consumer enabled solutions that allow ubiquitous tracking of not only physical movement and consumption of goods, but also, making it fun to use.

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