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“Cloud Computing” for your Distribution System – Why should you consider it?

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“Cloud Computing” can really mean two things. You have your system ‘hosted’ or ‘semi-hosted’ – or it can mean that your software is accessible through an internet browser.

In either case, you have these advantages:

  • Predictable cash flow by having consistent IT costs.
  • Limited or no additional hardware investment.
  • Greater focus on your core competencies & less on managing your data, your security & your IT resources.

These additional benefits come into play with ‘internet’ based software:

  • Work anywhere at any time through your web browser.
  • Flexible licensing options allow you to budget appropriately.

To learn more about Cloud Computing, here are four things you can do immediately:

  1. Download the 35 questions every CFO should ask about Cloud Computing,
  2. Read what Cloud Services are all about,
  3. Discover the ”Cloud Computing” plans for Microsoft Dynamics software announced in Microsoft’s latest Statement of Direction.
  4. Contact Collins Computing today with any questions on moving your people to the cloud!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing.  Count on Collins, Count on Success!

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