Communication is critical for businesses to work successfully with their employees, customers, and suppliers.  More and more businesses are delving into Cloud-technology to strengthen communication throughout their business, which can have substantial benefits for logistics, as well as other operations.  … Read more


You can’t deny it, the internet has changed everything; from how we socialize to how we buy, to how we do business. Over the past decade, just like every other industry, distributors have adapted to this new way of doing … Read more


Every business has a keen focus on the bottom line.  Producing a profitable product with minimal expenses is basic business.  However, cheap raw materials and cheap labor may not be the best way to keep expenses down.  The old adage, … Read more


One of the major pains distributors feel is dealing with manual processes.  Even when companies realize the headaches associated with manual operations, automation can be intimidating.  However, the right technology is easy to use and can make noticeable improvements in … Read more


When there is a problem with inventory, packing, or shipping in your warehouse, then profitability and customer satisfaction is on the line.  The right technology can be just the grease you need to keep the entire warehouse working at optimal … Read more


In order to have a lean supply chain, you need to have efficient and effective processes.  Of which are consistent for a long period of time.  This leaves very little room for innovation if you think about it.  But is … Read more


Who would have thought??  All kidding aside, this example of tight cost controls for supply retailers, such as Office Depot Inc. and OfficeMax Inc., teaches us the exact correlation between lower costs and higher profitability.

Both office-supply retailers reported earnings … Read more


There is never a good time to have a weak link in your supply chain, but when a link breaks, the outcome can be disastrous.  Watching the after effects of Hurricane Sandy have been heartbreaking for the families affected by … Read more


How would you like to save money, strengthen your supply chain, and benefit the environment all at the same time?  Let’s take a look at Walgreens who was recently recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a leader for … Read more


The U.S. Census Bureau reported that United States wholesale inventories rose by 0.5 percent from July to August to a seasonally adjusted $487.5 billion.  Wholesale sales were also up in August, from July, and also up from sale figures collected … Read more





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