Changes in technology make it a little easier for us to think “outside of the box” when it comes to using the supply chain to our advantage.  You can reinvent your supply chain – think flexible and non-traditional – to … Read more


By studying the past, we can improve the future.  In “Five Supply Chain Trends That Shaped 2012,” posted by Sean Riley on SCMR.Com, evaluating strategies and ideas that worked (or didn’t work) last year can provide the insight needed to … Read more


When a customer calls with changes to their product specifications, adds or subtracts from their order, or shortens the delivery time, are you able to rely on your supply chain and warehouse management software (WMS) to help you address these … Read more


When you are focused on getting thousands of products to the marketplace and in the hands of customers, you might overlook that each customer has their own set of expectations.  Product quality, pricing, timing, and other variables are rated differently … Read more


The number of details you need to manage for your import/export business is endless. You need to closely monitor and track licensing and documentation, pay attention to cultural barriers, meet ethical standards, sell across a number of different distribution channels, … Read more


Distributors are under increasing pressures to do more with less everywhere, including the warehouse. Recent research by Intermec, discussed in “Inefficient Work Flows Go Unchecked by Management,” posted on, reveals that in the last six months alone, nearly eight … Read more


If you manage inventory then yes, inventory optimization is right for you.  Maintaining the right level of inventory is important to the success of your supply chain.  Like many other businesses, you can strike the right balance with today’s technology.… Read more


Introducing “lean” practices in your manufacturing and supply chain operations can improve productivity, reduce costs of doing business, and lead to better profit margins.  However, introducing lean practices without working with the right people and setting reasonable goals can weaken … Read more


Supply Chain RopesIf the quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, how did today’s supply chain get so knotted up?  Thanks to the introduction of the Internet and adding end-users into our distribution models, we … Read more


Start-up distributors often begin with a small footprint, with a focus on providing a high quality product to their local community.  Working with other local businesses, usually face-to-face, strengthens their network of suppliers, vendors, and customers.  While it may feel … Read more





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