Looking for ways to more effectively manage follow up with your prospects or existing customers? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy?

SalesPad has just one more way to make it easier. Using sales document Tasks, SalesPad users can … Read more


Whether you’re relying on accurate data in inventory, sales or shipping – how you see the numbers can make or break profitability. You’ve probably experienced several instances where inaccurate data spoiled a big sale or lost a valued customer. We … Read more


    Many distributors are faced with the challenge of managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations.  Frequently these warehouses are actually located at their customer’s facility. One of the common challenges associated with managing multiple inventory locations is the seemingly simple task
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As business owners and managers evaluate new technology, they continually ask how it will make them money or at the very least, save them money.

One very simple way that SalesPad easily pays for itself is by allowing users to … Read more


In today’s economy, businesses are reducing spending and trimming workforces. This sometimes means you can only afford to keep employees and processes that are integral to keeping the business afloat. With modern advances in technological processes, it is more than … Read more


If you’ve ever upset or even lost a customer because you assumed an item was in stock and promised to deliver by a certain date, when it turns out the item was back ordered, you know how important complete visibility … Read more


In every business operation, sales documents move through specific processes. Sometimes they move in a straight line — from order entry, to fulfillment, to invoicing — with very few complications. These are the easy orders to manage.  Orders with exceptions … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP® is widely accepted as a rock-solid ERP solution, but often it does not meet all of a company’s specific needs in the areas of Order Entry and Purchasing. Adding SalesPad as the customer service and order entry … Read more


An efficient order entry system is essential to running an efficient distribution business. SalesPad integrates with Dynamics GP to deliver that, more

Wouldn’t your business run smoother if you had more insight and control over your purchasing processes, if it were easier to view inventory movement and determine what needed to be purchased? Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad provides the insight that … Read more





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