At a Crossroads?   We invite you to consider the Bar Code & RFID Convergence.


In November, 2010, the VDC released an executive white paper entitled Bar Code & RFID Convergence: Enabling Greater Visibility Through Standards, which we thought was Read more


Whether you’re struggling with employee management or having trouble tracking inventory, challenges in the light manufacturing industry can be conquered.  With the right technology, you can streamline operations to improve productivity, control inventory, and be flexible enough to respond to … Read more


Voice enabled warehouse operations are a natural choice for companies that want hands free inventory operations from receiving to picking.  Voice typically involves the operator wearing a headset as the main interface to the warehouse management solution.  A leading Warehouse … Read more


Customer demands can change as quickly as the weather.  Throughout the year, you might experience combinations of busy times and lean times.  One product might be popular one day and obsolete the next.  How can you better predict customer demands … Read more


Top 10 considerations when choosing your method of Picking Sales Orders

There are at least 10 different methods of picking sales orders.  Picking by Zone – Batch – Single Order – Pick n Pass – Parallel – Directed Picking – Read more


Creative Ways to Deal with Lot Tracking in Your Warehouse


If you’re a distributor or manufacturer and lot tracking is heavy on your mind these days, then this article is for you.  I know lot tracking requirements can be very Read more


Despite economic, regulatory, and other uncertainties, manufacturers are feeling the pressure to go global in 2012.  When expanding operations, it’s important to maintain balance and communication between local and global facilities.  Using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like Microsoft Dynamics® … Read more


Microsoft Dynamics GP continues to be an extremely strong SMB software platform, but it has many of the same limitations of other ERP systems.    They can’t all be good at everything, meaning certain areas of the business are controlled and Read more


Creating the Ideal World for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Developing solutions that are valuable for original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can be challenging.  The world revolving around supply chains, distributors, and customers is full of complicated relationships and processes.  However, innovative technology is evolving that will make it easier for OEMs … Read more


Few manufacturing businesses can afford mistakes, and since it is impossible to be mistake-free, the best result manufacturers can hope for is to avoid the major ones and minimize the damage caused by the minor ones. Careful financial planning is … Read more





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