I was looking at one of our customer’s pricing structures this morning and was just amazed at how they jump through hoops to meet the demands of pricing for their customer base.  Why does pricing have to be so complicated?  … Read more


Infographic:  Remote Inventories can be difficult to manage due to carrying too much or not having a way to get accurate real-time counts.  And ultimately we need to measure consumption so that we can properly invoice on a timely basis.  … Read more


Studies show that manufacturing has had 34 straight months of expansion since 2009, only narrowing slightly in response to recent worldwide economic challenges.  Although we are not at pre-recession levels, manufacturing jobs have grown, albeit slowly.  A new report from … Read more


More and more distribution companies are introducing mobile applications for our smartphones.  For example Grainger released a their mobile app in August and they are not the only distributor to introduce this technology to their customers and sales teams.  Let’s … Read more


Made to Order (MTO) Manufacturing is the oldest style of order fulfillment that is not without its pros and cons.  Providing customized products to happy customers can lead to great long-term business relationships.  The risk in MTO manufacturing is with … Read more


Whatever the reasons behind a shift to manufacturing overseas, it definitely creates complexity for your supply chain.  But no chain is too complex for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.  Whether you currently have multi-national operations or are planning to test those waters, … Read more


With standards such as ISO, QS-9000, TS-16949, AS-9100, manufactures need to be on top of the compliance requirements.  These quality and compliance standards often require a high level of detailed data management, including data control and the ability to track … Read more


Because the inventory needed is not available!  Seems like a good reason, but many times this is not taken into consideration during the sales process.   Inventory may not be available for many reasons including: In transit, Allocated or Quality HoldRead more


Managing Manufacturing Process Complexity

Although companies have access to a wider range of options when it comes to managing their supply chain, processes are getting more and more complex.  Manufacturers use raw materials that come from suppliers all over the world in products that … Read more



Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Wholesale Distribution Webinar Series – Session 1

Watch Session 1 of this exclusive webinar with Barry Trailer, Managing Partner of CSO Insights. CSO Insights is a recognized, independent research firm that has been regularly featured in … Read more





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