Business Intelligence Provides Consistency and Consistency Provides Value

If you’re like most companies, your reports may be getting out of hand without your realizing it. A new project begins, so you create a new report to track its progress.  The result is redundant reports and too many of … Read more


Life never really goes as planned and neither does your manufacturing business. There are, of course certain choices you can make that give you more control. When it comes to business, that’s what we all want to hear. Here are … Read more


iPhone versus Windows 7 Phone Posted on November 11, 2010 by tsmithappolis

A few days ago I made the switch from Apple iPhone to Windows 7 Phone.  The day it came out on AT&T.  Not because I disliked my iPhone, … Read more


According to this article on Industry Week, U.S. manufacturing experienced its 14th straight month of growth in September but continues to move at a slow pace, according to the Institute of Supply Management. The institute’s manufacturing index declined from 56.3 … Read more


Warehouse and Distribution Mobile Automation – Real Life Results!

After more than 20 years, Grain Millers has carved their niche as an organic and conventional whole grain miller and supplier of grain-based ingredients, such as flours, flakes and bran fibers. … Read more


According to this article, Since 2005, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) market (including Supply Chain Execution —production, warehouse, and transportation management — as well as Supply Chain Planning — strategic, manufacturing, and inventory planning) has grown at a 7 percent … Read more


Distributors serving the Gulf Coast oil and fishing industries have been hit hard by the oil spill this summer. Some of us dealt with immediate consequences while others worry about the trickledown effect now and into the months ahead. This … Read more


If a supervisor scans a license plate while a license plate is new and it exists in the manufacturing location, they would like to automatically assume that the supervisor wants to review the license plate and potentially change its hold status.




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