The main goal for a distributor is to make sure that their customers have the products they need, when they need them, at reasonable prices.  So, how do you satisfy your customer’s needs, while making sure you have a strong Read more


I recently reviewed the McGladrey Distribution Monitor Report for 2013 and I was not surprised to see that 50% of the 379 participants in this study use some type of cloud computing for systems or applications.   The most common use … Read more


Appolis_1It can be difficult to maintain real-time inventory counts when inventory leaves the warehouse with field technicians.  Parts can be consumed at a customer’s site, damaged in transit or on location, returned, or transferred to other technicians or warehouses.  Monitoring Read more


Many firms remain concerned about a lack of expertise, expensive software, and lack confidence that big data will expand their business.  Sure, there are a lot of ways that big data can go wrong.  When gathered and analyzed correctly; however, Read more


As a distributor, you’re pressured to stay innovative while keeping costs low.  One way to do this is to closely monitor the effectiveness of your daily operations.  Making the right operational changes can cut costs and add value.  The wrong Read more


Recent changes in the overseas markets are raising the prices of commodities, which is making buying locally more lucrative.  In addition, according to a joint study conducted by ISIS Research Centre, LOCO BC and Columbia Institute, companies that purchase commodities … Read more


Sell, sell, sell, that’s the nature of the game.  Sales executives need to meet new prospects, prepare more quotes, and close more deals.  While there are a lot of opportunities to improve sales, many businesses overlook the nuances of the … Read more


When analyzing profitability, the question of outsourcing is bound to come up.  Should you outsource functions such as order fulfillment and shipping to third party providers?  Well, that depends on your need for control versus your need to cut costs, … Read more


When implementing new distribution software or making a software upgrade, business processes are affected in a number of ways.  The idea is to improve productivity and make it easier for your employees to enter and use important business data.  While … Read more


Most manufacturers, as well as retail and technology businesses, are aware of the importance of a strong supply chain as it correlates to productivity and profitability.  As a result, the consulting firms that work with these businesses, and the businesses … Read more





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