With the disastrous earthquake and tsunami greatly affecting Japan, many of us in the U.S. are uneasy; both for the safety of the people living there and for what it all means in relation to global manufacturing. It is always … Read more


Many people are saying that everything is made in China these days, but the opposite is actually true. China’s manufacturing is booming, but the value of what its factories produce is far behind that of the U.S., according to economic … Read more


When you buy a house, you know you want to get the lowest possible interest rate so you don’t pay extra over a long period of time. Same goes with your inventory. Many Distributors finance their inventories, and therefor are … Read more


Making business decisions when unsure of real-time inventory levels and demand stream isn’t a good feeling. You probably worry more than you should and feel the control of your business slowly slipping away. In addition to the stress of worrying, … Read more


The heat is on in manufacturing, processing, and distribution facilities nation-wide as workers are forced to increase productivity, although their former associates and friends have since been laid off. With this comes an odd correlation as productivity is high even … Read more


U.S. manufacturing may become less competitive over the next five years because of decreased access to talent, according to the 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index.  Access to talented workers capable of supporting innovation is the key factor driving global competitiveness … Read more


Experts say the trend of destocking inventories should be over for U.S. businesses. Restocking inventories can boost sales, and can also benefit railroads, shippers and large industrial manufacturers. According to the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing survey in May, 41% … Read more





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