The traditional role of the chief information officer (CIO) is quickly evolving to meet a new strategic business need revolving around how distributors interact with their customers.  More than just installing software and using social media, CIO’s are now being … Read more


Providing superior customer service is important to winning the loyalty of customers.  Working with your supply chain and having the ability to stock or order the right inventory quickly is important to keeping customers.  Controlling inventory and supply chain is … Read more


The sales, inventory and operations planning of your business are vital in meeting the expectations of your customers. Each department also needs to sync with one another for a true view into what you can provide those customers. Not only … Read more


Sometimes it seems like our perfect balance of supply and demand is like a mirage in the distance.  We can see it, but just can’t seem to get there.  Supply chain challenges always seem to crop up creating speed bumps … Read more


Remember the scene in “Rain Man” when Dustin Hoffman’s character could calculate the number of toothpicks on the floor faster than we could even see them?  Well, what about your Distribution System, can it keep track of the number of … Read more


In December, MarketWatch reported that U.S. manufacturing output rose in November, setting the country apart from several other developed nations except Russia, the Institute for Supply Management said.  Readings over 50% indicate expansion and the ISM gauge has been above … Read more


It’s Time for a Holistic Approach to Supply Chain Management

Traditionally, the supply chain was driven by point solutions.  Holistic approaches to planning and scheduling the entire supply chain were non-existent.  What is needed now is an entirely new way of thinking.

Economic conditions have an effect on all industries, … Read more


Apple and Wal-Mart can offer broad lessons on the importance of efficient supply chain management.  Dave Turbide references the supply chain success of these two giants in his article on titled “Logistics, supply-chain mastery play key roles in achieving … Read more


According to this article on The Wall Street Journal, several manufacturers are preparing to cut costs and streamline operations.  Some say a pullback in manufacturing would be a blow to the economy.  In this uncertain economy, it seems that one … Read more


Is your inventory ready to meet the challenging demands of this year’s holiday shopping madness?  It’s a great time of year for business, but if you’re not ready, it can backfire pretty quickly.

Throughout the year, inventory management is important … Read more





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