Calculating the ideal level of inventory is not always an easy task.  The consequences of running low can be even more troublesome.  Avoid stock-outs and back-orders, without breaking the bank, by keeping inventory at healthy levels.

Determining the right level … Read more


Communication is critical for businesses to work successfully with their employees, customers, and suppliers.  More and more businesses are delving into Cloud-technology to strengthen communication throughout their business, which can have substantial benefits for logistics, as well as other operations.  … Read more


You can’t deny it, the internet has changed everything; from how we socialize to how we buy, to how we do business. Over the past decade, just like every other industry, distributors have adapted to this new way of doing … Read more


There is never a good time to have a weak link in your supply chain, but when a link breaks, the outcome can be disastrous.  Watching the after effects of Hurricane Sandy have been heartbreaking for the families affected by … Read more


The U.S. Census Bureau reported that United States wholesale inventories rose by 0.5 percent from July to August to a seasonally adjusted $487.5 billion.  Wholesale sales were also up in August, from July, and also up from sale figures collected … Read more


In most cases, transactions are very important to your business.  Transactions pertain to all of the data that is created and shared within your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, including monetary- and order-related transactions.  If you’re a distributor, transactions … Read more


Studies show that manufacturing has had 34 straight months of expansion since 2009, only narrowing slightly in response to recent worldwide economic challenges.  Although we are not at pre-recession levels, manufacturing jobs have grown, albeit slowly.  A new report from … Read more


As a distributor, you want to meet your customer and prospect demands.  But sometimes the word “no” is necessary and beneficial to both you and your customer.  In this challenging economy, it may be tempting to take on any customer … Read more


How can you make sure your inventory is making you money?  Besides making sure you turn over your inventory, how is it you can tell whether you are maximizing profit margins or just pushing through stock.  I had the opportunity … Read more


A supply chain visibility solution can provide several advantages for your company, including higher customer satisfaction and improved forecasting, Robert Clesi writes in “Guest Commentary: Considerations When Evaluating Supply Chain Visibility Solutions” posted on Logistics Viewpoints.  While there are many … Read more





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