12 Items to Consider for Data Consolidations

There are lots of reasons to consolidate data.  Data from different reporting entities may reside in different databases.  Different departments may have specialized data like T&E data or commissions data or purchasing information.  You may need to combine transactional data … Read more


Business Intelligence Integration with Existing Systems Makes a World of Difference

According to recent data collected by Technology Evaluation Centers, a consulting firm that helps organizations research, evaluate, and select software solutions, integration with existing systems is a key criterion in selecting business intelligence solutions.  An overwhelming number of survey respondents … Read more


RFID Is Slowly but Surely Making Its Way into Distribution and Supply Chain

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has been gaining momentum in distribution and supply chain since Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense announced that they were going to begin using it over 8 years ago. While it has taken time to spread … Read more


Supply Chain Management Pain Points Remain Consistent in 2011

SCM World’s Supply Chain Predictions for 2011 report gathers the thoughts and insights of more than 400 business leaders across industry verticals, focusing on predictions for the key supply chain challenges that 2011 will present. The key statistics from this … Read more


Clean Data for BI and BI for Clean Data

If you are responsible for delivering dashboards, reports, metrics, KPIs, or customer insights, you want to be sure you are using data that is accurate, timely, and relevant.  Bad data can result in misguided insights and bad decisions.  There are … Read more


Dashboards–Everybody’s Talking About Them. Why?

“I’ve seen those dials and gauges.  They look nice, but once they lose their novelty, they lose their value.  You get a lot more information from a good graph.  So what’s the big deal about dashboards?” 

A well-constructed dashboard can … Read more


Fighting the Competition from Manufacturers with Business Intelligence

According to First Research, the increasing efficiency of logistics systems allows manufacturers to sell more goods directly to end-users, bypassing distributors.  Direct manufacturer sales account for nearly 30 percent of total wholesale trade in the U.S.  Consolidation in many manufacturing … Read more


Similar to the seasons, sale trends change often…and sometimes it’s even because of the season. As a distributor, you need to identify the profitable products and time of year they are most valuable to you. The fate of your business … Read more


New Book—The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

Thornton May’s The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics is not your ordinary book about analytics or dashboards or data. It’s about how the world is changing and what role analysis and analysts will play in determining the success of organizations and individuals

Business Intelligence Provides Consistency and Consistency Provides Value

If you’re like most companies, your reports may be getting out of hand without your realizing it. A new project begins, so you create a new report to track its progress.  The result is redundant reports and too many of … Read more





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