Guide to Compete with AmazonDoes your business struggle to compete with AmazonSupply?

Many distribution companies are struggling to maintain their customer base and compete with the low prices, great customer service, and speedy delivery that comes with AmazonSupply. But there are ways for small … Read more


Business owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses are often torn between managing day-to-day operations and analyzing financial reports. You need to keep up with customers and make sure that your products or services are meeting their needs; however, … Read more


The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software marketplace has become saturated with software providers, systems, and deployment options.  It can be challenging to weed through the options in order to choose a solution that best matches your business needs and goals.  … Read more


If you don’t know what ‘big data’ is or if you’re relatively new to the term; we’re here to help!  Your business generates a lot of data – we are talking income, expenses, profit margins, customers, and other financial data.  … Read more


Manufacturers and distributors know that strengthening relationships with suppliers and vendors can have a positive impact on the bottom line.  First of all, you need to know the right place to get raw materials and products to satisfy customers at … Read more


Distributors are under increasing pressures to do more with less everywhere, including the warehouse. Recent research by Intermec, discussed in “Inefficient Work Flows Go Unchecked by Management,” posted on, reveals that in the last six months alone, nearly eight … Read more


Massive volumes of data are being generated every day by consumers using social media, search engines, and making online and in-store purchases.  This volume of information has the force of a tidal wave and you can either float or sink, … Read more


Drawing lines between vendors, supply chain, your facilities, and customers can be loopy and confusing.  Using spreadsheets to manage important data is like following a trail of breadcrumbs, it’s inaccurate and fraught with errors.  Software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, … Read more


You can’t deny it, the internet has changed everything; from how we socialize to how we buy, to how we do business. Over the past decade, just like every other industry, distributors have adapted to this new way of doing … Read more


Experts have struggled for years in trying to simplify the complex supply chain and now Big Data has entered this complexity.  Big data can be a valuable asset, but it sometimes comes with a price.  IT departments are constantly battling … Read more





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