For distributors, management of your inventory and shipments go hand in hand. Even though this is true, some of you may have a great handle on inventory, but your processes are broken within your shipping department. Or you have a … Read more


According to this article on Industry Week, U.S. manufacturing experienced its 14th straight month of growth in September but continues to move at a slow pace, according to the Institute of Supply Management. The institute’s manufacturing index declined from 56.3 … Read more


U.S. manufacturing may become less competitive over the next five years because of decreased access to talent, according to the 2010 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index.  Access to talented workers capable of supporting innovation is the key factor driving global competitiveness … Read more


Becoming Lean is Distribution; Essential in Today’s Economy

Becoming lean in distribution is more important than ever in today’s challenging economic market. Applying lean concepts makes sense because becoming lean means becoming a more effective distributor. Becoming lean will ultimately lead to higher profitability.

So what are lean … Read more


Distributors serving the Gulf Coast oil and fishing industries have been hit hard by the oil spill this summer. Some of us dealt with immediate consequences while others worry about the trickledown effect now and into the months ahead. This … Read more


Experts say the trend of destocking inventories should be over for U.S. businesses. Restocking inventories can boost sales, and can also benefit railroads, shippers and large industrial manufacturers. According to the Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing survey in May, 41% … Read more


Distribution Best Practices for Pricing Optimization

“Pricing decisions involve a number of complex factors and are difficult for companies to make”, writes the team from the Council for Research on Distribution Best Practices. They explain pricing optimization and how to do it well at your company. … Read more


If a supervisor scans a license plate while a license plate is new and it exists in the manufacturing location, they would like to automatically assume that the supervisor wants to review the license plate and potentially change its hold status.

Top 10 Acronyms and Terms Used in Business Intelligence

An acronym can be a very beneficial thing, getting straight to the point and saving typing time.  It can also be very frustrating, resulting in miscommunication throughout an organization.  For example, if the person you’re sending an email to about … Read more


Why Does the Wholesale Distribution Industry Grow Faster than the Rest?

According to the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, the wholesale distribution industry continues to grow faster than the overall U.S. economy during the recent economic expansion. In 2007, revenues of wholesaler-distributors increased 3.7 percentage points more than U.S. Gross Domestic … Read more





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