Manufacturers and distributors have complex business operations that require robust business solutions.  Working with disparate, specialty solutions introduces delays, which can turn real-time data into old data, and data sets can be full of errors.  Multiply the confusion with multiple Read more


Manufacturers and distributors create a lot of business data.  Many use various business systems to manage inventory, production, shipping, customer relationships, and other operational data.  There may also be call centers, website communications, and prospects and customers alike may even Read more


Your customers have different needs in the products they buy, as well as when they buy them.  Trying to maintain safe inventory levels can become confusing when some customers need weekly replenishments and other’s need it monthly or quarterly.  The Read more


Thank goodness we no longer use carbon copies or faxes for processing orders.  Shuffling papers is time-consuming and creates delays for many internal processes, as well as for the customer.  However, using spreadsheets or the wrong software solution can create Read more


For the last few months, manufacturers and distributors have been focused on  fine-tuning operations in preparation for the busy holiday shopping season.  In order to prevent costly stock-outs and annoying back-orders for customers choosing thoughtful holiday gifts for their family Read more


Rated high on the list of things to know and track is your business profitability and profit margins by product or service.  After all, without profits, the doors don’t stay open for long.  Knowing your margins becomes even more important Read more


How well do you know your customers’ interests and how well can you match their demands?  Customer buying habits, the economy, and even seasonal demand (like upcoming holiday shopping) can have major influences on your inventory, sales, and customer satisfaction.  Read more


Where are the inefficiencies in your business operations?  You know you have them so let’s be honest. Where do you think they are?  If you find that it takes too long to get invoices out, month-end calculated, or managers to Read more


How does the procurement department rate within your business enterprise?  If your sales teams are by-passing procurement to get what they need from other managers, then you may be short-changing your profitability.  Procurement could be one line of defense against Read more


The term “enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management solutions” just sounds expensive.  Can a growing business with a tight budget afford to have the technology that was traditionally reserved for big business?  They can now!               

Many businesses, including distributors, start Read more





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